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Q: How long will it take for my project to be mixed and sent back?


A: Project turnaround solely depends on the material at hand. A detailed estimate of time will be given prior to any all contract agreements.
Q: What if I want something changed in the mix or I forgot to request a certain change after the final product has been sent to me?


A: There is a 4 day grace period where requested tweaks will be made free of charge after the final product is sent and confirmed receipt. This is a collaborative exchange and your satisfaction is priority.
Q: How do I send in my project and information to be mixed?

A: There are many services and ‘dropbox’esque’ applications (Soundcloud, Dropbox etc.) that will allow you send session stems along with any pertinent track information, desired sound, and any deadlines to be met. Mailing discs in also acceptable, but not necessary in this digital age, but if your deadlines are pretty laid back and you just want to send in tangible copies- feel free to mail your stuff as well!


Q: How much does it cost to have my project(s) mixed?


A: There are no fixed figures as every project is different and it depends on what the project requires.



WLM works with you.



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