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Let's grab some tea. Consulting in non-linear time. Unlock the art and science of mixing and mastering in this non-technical 10-chapter, 2,000-word guide. Elevate your sound with insights and expert advice from The White Leaf Music Company.

Our journey together begins with a simple truth – it's not just about the destination; it's about the voyage of learning and discovery. We're passionate about empowering you to make amazing music, and this bridge between aspiration and sound is our gift to you.

With gratitude,
The White Leaf Music Company


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Download "Vol. 1: A 2,000-Word Guide to Mixing and Mastering" by The White Leaf Music Company. Here are 14 original insights from the Founder, Xavery S.


These are not in the guide, but give an idea of the depth we will be going into in a short amount of time, just like when I have in-person mentor sessions with artists and engineers I take them into the deep end but they come out stronger. Get the guide and feel free to reach out about expansion on any of these points or ideas in the book. Half the time, it's just about knowing where to look. The lead list for interest in this is already approaching the five-hundred mark, but this is just data as I was already in a state of gratitude and excitement.


  1.  You’re just getting started at 30% - Like a mix that's just beginning to take shape, there's always more beneath the surface.

  2. Life is to be experienced, not explained - And so is music. It's about feeling, beyond the technicalities.

  3. Just because it’s not beautifully written it doesn’t mean it’s not true - Raw recordings often hold the most truth before they are polished.

  4. Everything is relaTIVE not releVANT - In music, as in life, context is everything; what works for one song may not for another.

  5. Yoga for your body is also yoga for your mind - Discipline in practice leads to freedom in creativity.

  6. They might not deserve you, but YOU deserve you - Believe in your music, even if others don't yet see its value.

  7. You might not ever meet your person in this cycle, so appreciate it when you do - When you find that perfect sound, cherish and nurture it.

  8. Lean on the foundation that you’re here and now when you are weak - The basics of mixing are your anchor.

  9. God is nature - And music is a natural force; it can't overwhelm you unless you resist it.

  10. Let go of tomorrow - Focus on the mix in front of you, not the one you'll do next.

  11. If we don’t call it theatre, then we must call it truth - this one resonates too deeply to give it one interpretation*

  12. The secret to staying young is being excited to be old - Embrace the process of growth in your skills.

  13. If you’re smart, keep that shx a secret; people get creeped out by intelligence where it’s not expected - Let your music speak for your genius.

  14. Playing with fire can and often does lead to fires - Experiment boldly, but understand the science of sound.


Aside from the reviews in the video and the sharing of perspective here, what else qualifies me to help you take a shortcut through yourself to better sound and music? Each one of these comes with a story in itself but here are some nods towards my character and work ethic.


- Reviewed music professionally for the top online record label for over two years with consistent 5-star reviews and assisted the CEO at times

- Mixed for multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artists

- Letter of recommendation from the President of the Recording Academy

- Master's Degree in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation from Berklee College of Music

- Post-masters fellowship with the President of Berklee College of Music

- My engineering role model heard a beat of mine on social media and asked me to call him ( I didn't sleep for three days after this lol)

- Whom I follow on Instagram doubles as a list of references

- Fun one: I made the beat in the background of this video on an old-school sequencer keyboard


You can see from my page, that I'm selfie-shy and enjoy being the background person and helping *others* shine, but I have to put myself out there right now so I can help more people and allow myself to continue doing what I also love to do.


I'm here for any questions and look forward to hearing from you. If you need mastering or a review of your music, there's a free-to-fill-out form also.

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