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The Ch. Series

The "Ch. Series" is an 8-minute meta-language based project created to help push your energetic momentum upward. I created this over a year via timely moments to create a certain feel when listened to in the intended linear order. Ch. 1 'Rock Bottom', was made during a pretty obviously titled time, Ch. 2 - ‘Sirius' is my only and last comment on the idea of racism/ignorance/inequality on this planet. Ch.3 "Trollin’" is the realization of something more that I can play with in life; back tracking on the idea of creation and choices. Ch. 4 'Nikki' is the blossoming from the previous times of extreme physical focus to something to; the realization: it’s all good and has been from the get go. ‘Ch.' stands for “Channel”, as all time is simultaneous and none of these projects, however numbered, truly came before or after the other.‪#‎WhiteLeafMusic‬ ‪#‎LongGame‬

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