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Meet A Specialized Reflection of You

Xavery is the founder of The White Leaf Music Company, a passionate mixing engineer, creative consultant, and music reviewer. With over seventeen years of experience, Xavery has left his mark on the music industry by working with multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artists. His diverse discography spans various genres, from Korean Pop to Reggaeton, demonstrating his creative flexibility and a keen ear for sound.

Xavery's journey began in Dallas, TX, where he founded a music production club in middle school, setting the stage for his remarkable career. He earned his first college degree in Audio Production while still in high school and went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music with a Master's in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation. His dedication to excellence led to a secured Post-Master's Fellowship in the Office of the President.

When Xavery takes on a mixing project, he approaches it with precision and artistry. He melds all elements of a session into an ear-pleasing harmony that deepens the connection between artists and listeners.

Xavery's mission is clear: to be one of the world's best engineers and to nurture top talent in the music industry. He believes in the magic of creation and collaboration and is excited to hear about your latest projects. Ready to elevate your sound?


Explore Xavery's ebook for valuable insights or reach out to him to discuss your musical endeavors.

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